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IU is famous for her talent in singing and composing. Her songs became trend every time she combacked the stage. Sometimes, there are songs that bring negative reactions from the audience. But there is no denying the talent of this young Korean singer. IU is known as Taylor Swift of Korea, because she possesses a clear voice like a bird, a masterful ability to compose music. Besides, she is very beautiful and cute in the eyes of the public and the media.

Recently, IU’s fan club discovered a strange habit of hers after observing a series of photos and videos of the singer.

This habit makes fans extremely worry because it is potentially dangerous to the health of female idols.

IU with the nickname of national sister has a series of unique and adorable habits that are extremely cute than you can be imaginable.

Some of the actions that she repeated in front of the camera, such as giving her hands to receive trophies or flowers like children, her cheeks were pulled back when drinking water, while eating she also chewed super long and slow. These habits make young people extremely excited and it also creates trends for Korean youth to follow. These routines seem harmless and adorable, it helps her attract the attention of fans. On the contrary, her own fans pointed out that this habit is bad for her health.

The bad habit is that she always hits her head with her hand every time she forgets something or suddenly forgets and suddenly remembered something. Each time, she shows the embarrassing look of child for fans to admire. The fans really love that moment of the singer. However, they are extremely worried that the impact of regular force on the head could damage her brain. Studies and medical experts also point out that it’s really not good for human brain health. Over time, dangerous diseases will form.

The never-ending cuteness of the beautiful singer – IU

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