The Jimin family (BTS) opened a coffee shop in Korea – the name is really luxurious and different

The café shop was opened in Jimin’s hometown (BTS) – Busan, South Korea.

In Korea, it’s not uncommon for celebrities, singers, actors, idols to open a café shop, or their relatives to open a café shop. Fans can easily find coffee shops or milk tea shop related to idols and celebrities they admire in beautiful Korea.

Fans can come to these cafes to enjoy drinks and cakes. This action shows the support of fans for their idols, besides, you can also learn more valuable information from idols and take souvenir photos. The more famous the café shop, the more that the idol, actor or singer have a great influence on the community.

Jimin (BTS) is a male idol who has influence not only in Korea but also globally. Therefore, the fact that his family opened a cafe also made the online community stir.

Fans immediately searched for the address and visited to enjoy and admire the beauty of the cafe and experience it.

As soon as they arrived at the cafe, the fans were shocked by the extremely luxurious name “MAGNATE”. The name of the shop is like the picture depicting Jimin – a rich, noble man with a lot of wealth. But when you step into the restaurant, you will really understand the meaning of the name of the restaurant derived from what.

The design  is luxurious and modern, showing the high-end with the main color being gray-brown Colors make the shop become cozy and upscale. The area of the restaurant is very spacious, not as small as regular coffee shops. You would think this is a more upscale hotel than a café shop. What makes you aware of “Magnate” is the shop that serves drinks as it has a bar for drinks and cakes.

The design of the restaurant bears a bit of an ancient French direction. Modern and cozy space, suitable for meeting friends and family.

There have been a lot of customer reviews about drinks and service style of the restaurant. Glad because most of the comments are positive like good food, fresh, delicious drinks and enthusiastic service.

Address of “Magnate”: 1F B-135 Jinam-ro, Daeyeon-dong, Nam-gu, Budan, Korea.

Opening hours: 10 am – 23pm everyday

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