Lisa – BlackPink seduces handsome guys in “Youth with you” – Idol Producer

Lisa – the beautiful goddess from the leading Korean girl group is shaking the Chinese fan community when she joined as a coach in “Youth with you 2”. She is currently receiving a lot of attention thanks to her beautiful appearance, popularity and dancing skill. Lisa is not only loved by the audience, but many other famous stars also admit that they are her fans after watching this program.

Recently, the famous actor Li Yifeng of the Chinese entertainment industry has expressed his love for the “Youth with you 2”  program – especially for a contestant on the team that Lisa worked as a dance instructor. When  hearing such information, the audience was extremely interested in the attitude of the actor. They were curious about who Li Yifeng liked the most in Lisa’s team. The reporter continued to ask the actor during the interview whether he could reveal the contestant’s name. And finally, Li Yifeng  answered that candidate is honestly An Ky.

Soon after, when the reporter shared that they liked Lisa, the actor immediately offered the same admiration to the beautiful singer.

Finally, when asked to dance with Lisa, Li Yifeng expressed his shyness. He replied with a refusal, “I can’t dance as well as her.” That answer made the whole studio laugh. The interview atmosphere was also very fun.

So, Lisa again makes a handsome actor pay attention to her thanks to her talent in each dance step and hers.

Before Li Yifeng, there were also many other Chinese stars who expressed their love for Lisa such as Ella, Alec Su, Joe Chen …

Indeed, fans were delighted when Lisa was warmly welcomed in China with the love of her fans and colleagues. Also, let’s watch the show to support Lisa – Blackpink and her team.

Recently, however, because of the pandemic of coronavirus (19), Lisa was unable to directly guide each contestant in her team. She often uses video calls to talk and guide candidates so the interaction between teachers and students is difficult. However, it is not possible to prevent the hot of the program. Wishing the program success and bringing Lisa’s name to higher levels.

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