American photographer launched a series of rare photos of Blackpink at Coachella

Backstage photos at Coachella that have never been released have been released lately. Blackpink is so charismatic that  it can weaken the strong hearts of fans around the world.

Yesterday, the famous American photographer (Pip Cowley) shared his own photos on his personal facebook page. There are many famous stars photographed, but the most prominent is the photos of four girls from YG Entertainment  at the biggest event in 2019 – Coachella.

The most striking photo captures the moment when four beautiful girls  (Rose, Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo) stride behind the stage when the lighting is really bad. Just one glance, we can see the long legs that the girls possess – they are really beautiful to the extent of the gods. Besides, it is a fairytale beauty and a tight costume to raise the body curve to an unbelievably perfect level. Not only the Blinks, but everyone must recognize that the pinnacle of beauty of Blackpink is at the Coachella event.

However, when looking closely at the members’ feet, fans were startled  by Rose’s legs with skin and bone. The legs are really long, but they are more like a tree or a bone than the legs of a teenage girl at 20s. Other members are still praised by the online community. It is not uncommon for idols to practice and follow a strict diet to keep their bodies at the best. However, Rose’s legs made fans feel awkward because of its alarming thinness. They expressed concern for Rose’s health as her body became thinner and thinner over time. To add, this is not the first time fans have seen Rose like that. They feel very sad because of that, they send love messages to Rose and wish her always healthy and advised her not to lose excess weight.

This is the perfect photo of Blackpink after the Coachella stage. Their beauty is unquestionable.

During that event, Rose was said to be the most prominent member of the group with blonde hair like a princess, a gorgeous appearance and a professionalism. However, the bad legs made Rose lose points no less.

Rose occupies the spotlight until her feet appear in front of the camera lens.

Although she still maintains a beautiful face, Rose has a skinny body.

Before that, Rose used to own the legs that fit the eyes of the viewers.

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