The secret weapon of Rose – Blackpink makes people pay attention

Ever since debuting in 2016, Princess Rose has been famous for her elongated legs and ant waist – incredibly small. However, Rose still had a secret weapon that gave her a charm no one could resist.

That’s why every time mentioning Rose (YG’s rose), fans will only think of her waist and legs.

However, recently, netizens discovered another divine weapon of the YG roses. If you are a long-time and loyal fan of the powerful Blackpink girls, surely you will see Rose often having shiny, cloudy blonde hair. Sometimes, fans wonder why Rose is only loyal to this hairstyle and there is no change to create a new and more attractive. Even in the latest comeback, all three girls including Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa have significant changes except Rose. She still maintained the same old hair, raising rumors of discrimination among the group members. And the disadvantaged is Rose when she was not cared for by her company and stylist.

However, all of these thoughts or rumors have not been verified. People still only see Rose ravishing, though a bit old, splendid and beautiful  like a princess.

And Rose also recognized the beauty and advantage of her hair, she took advantage of it to turn the music performance stage into a place to promote her life’s moments – all thanks to her hair of  shiny gold

Occasionally, Rose changed the color of her hair from gold to platinum or from gold to red. And no matter what hair color, the style is still the same and is a great highlight for Rose’s fiery performance.

In particular, when Rose performs strong dance moves, turns her head to flip her hair or turns, her hair also combines gracefully with each movement of Rose. This is a perfect combination, a food combo that cannot be denied. Each time like that, the fans like to be done charms or anesthetics and then so immersed in Rose that they can’t help it.

The loyal fans gathered a series of hair splitting moments on Rose’s stage to share and watch together. It is the hair that created the gentle beauty like a princess, seductive, strong and very personal of hers.

It is  long hair that has become a symbol of Rose, because she has never cut her hair that it is short since debut.

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