Jessica climbed up to the hot search while showing off her ravishing photos with her mother

Recently, on the occasion of the mother’s day – 10th May, the former member SDSN – Jessica released the photos with her mother is both beautiful and luxurious. The singer’s mother was praised by netizens for admiration.

Besides, she also revealed secrets that have always been hidden to the media.

The photo album was uploaded by Jessica on her personal instagram and quickly, the series attracted a lot of people interested and stormed all over social networks in Korea. When admiring the photos, the audience can see the luxurious beauty of Jessica and her mother. As a result, people can speculate that the beauty of the singer was inherited from her beautiful mother. Their eyes, mouth, nose bridge are really similar. And as a result, the beauty of the female star was dug again and discussed on all fronts.

Attached to the photo album is her emotional sharing caption about her revered mother. The content of the shared message line has the following specific content: When I became a real adult, I had the hobby of sitting and watching my mother prepare everything perfectly. Mom is a person who greatly influences my fashion and beauty trends, the same way we share a beautiful lipstick. Mother is forever a symbol of beauty in my heart. Happy mother’s day, love mom!

When she finished reading the story that contained her daughter’s affection for her mother, the followers were very excited and more and more in love with Jessica – the filial daughter – who deserved a great influence for the community. Because she created a good spread.

Referring to the beauty of the mother – Jessica’s mother, the fans are admired for the youthfulness that is beyond their real age. It is known that Jessica’s mother is nearly 60 years old, but her face still retains the youthfulness of a woman who is only about 40 years old or younger. Her face possesses bright white skin, evenly colored and especially there are very few wrinkles (an indication of a person’s age). If anyone does not know, who thought that she was taking a photo with a colleague or some senior artist. Indeed, Jessica’s mother is very beautiful, not unlike a famous actress or a pianist.

Although there is very little information about Jessica’s family, fans still find the previous career of Jessica’s mother  as a fitness coach.  That is why she retains a youthful and balanced body  when she is quite old. The father of the singer is a famous lawyer among the lawyers in Korea. Therefore, the family of singers is relatively well-off. Reportedly, parents bought Jessica and Krystal a high-class apartment in the bustling Soeul capital for living and working.

When this information was transmitted, the fans all admired and congratulated the family’s happiness. A perfect family with perfect people.

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