Jennie’s spectacular transformation (Blackpink) – from the image of a powerful woman to a teenage girl

Jennie is not the girl who owns the most beautiful face and body in her group – if she is compared  to the rest of BlackPink (Rose, Lisa, Jisoo). But in Jennie always looks luxurious, not every female idols have. It is this factor that makes Jennie stand out among a forest of beautiful girls in the K-pop entertainment industry.

Each time transforming into different images, Jennie thoroughly shows her quality to show flexibility and create unforgettable accents for viewers. We have collected some photos of Jennie during the recent event. Hope you enjoy and have fun watching.

When participating in two events with different themes, Jennie changed her outfit and makeup to suit those events. However, this change of Jennie’s outfit really overwhelmed viewers because of the difference and she only attended a single event.

On 12th May, when attending the event of Pop up the Jentle Home, Jennie used two costumes with two completely different styles. Specifically, the first outfit is a bit office-style, courtesy from the brand Moon Choi. The costume cost about 1150 usd. Indeed the value of the outfit is not too expensive compared to many previous costumes Jennie wore to the events before. The outfit helped Jennie show off her unbelievable ant waist. With no body fat, making Jennie stand out from the crowd. Combined with the cool outfit to reveal the star of hers.

She also did not forget to combine with simple accessories, but fashion like sunglasses with colors suitable for the outfit, simple low hair ties and earrings as accents.

But right after the event, Jennie treated the fans with a cute outfit. She stepped out of the car to leave and did not forget to goodbye to the fans. She tied her hair high and let loose part of her hair, wearing a wide-form sweatshirt and a youthful Jean skirt. She looks more like a high school student or first year student than a female singer. But it must be said that, anyway, Jennie also stands out in every style of outfit combinations.

Jennie’s lightning fashion show with only two costumes made viewers delight. The media of Kimchi land did not miss the opportunity to spread the news across the newspapers and share it with the fans. And of course, Jennie’s name is mentioned constantly and hotter than ever.

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