Korean hair trends for the summer of 2020

Recently, fashion trends have always been promoted by female idols, singers and hot girls on social networks. As a result, these trends are quickly prevalent and enthusiastically received by young people. These habits are spread in one country and spread to other countries through newspapers or social networks. One of the leading countries in this trend is South Korea – a country of idols who are more beautiful than flowers and a country of the most famous romance movies, the country of Asia’s most prominent fashion and beauty.

The article will suggest you 3 ponytail styles that are becoming the trend of young people in the summer of 2020 of Korean stars. These hairstyles are also well received and applied  in Korea.

Low tie hair – ponytail

Having low ponytail is not an option for girls with short hair. But on the contrary, this hairstyle is very popular with long-haired girls. Hairstyles help to exude  feminine, gentle and warm feeling  from those girls. It looks very simple, but it is better than imagined because this hairstyle is very popular with Korean stars. And to have a hairstyle is not simple. When the hair is not tied too tight to create volume for the hair, and a few more front curls need to create innocence, purity on the girls’ faces. Thanks to that, the long-haired girl had a pocket tip for more beautiful hair on the upcoming summer day.

High tie hair – ponytail

This is really not a new hairstyle, it has really been a long time ago – probably around the time of our parents, grandparents.  However, recently this hairstyle is used by many famous stars. Typical of them are Park Min Young and Lisa (Blackpink). These two beauties indeed make this hairstyle more shining and also enhance their inherent beauty. Not only that, but it also helps create youth, dynamism and less heat in the summer with extreme weather that makes us sweat a lot.

Don’t forget to combine it with a big hair band to create a luxurious look.

Tied hair in half – ponytail

Speaking of this hairstyle, we have to mention Jennie (Blackpink). Because she is the one who initiated the trend of half-tied hair. She promotes this hairstyle anytime, anywhere, in many selfies or advertising lookbook photos for brands. There are many other famous idols who like this hairstyle as Red Velvet girls … This is a simple hairstyle, easily done by yourself without the need for a hairdresser or stylist.

Above are a few suggestions for your hair to be more beautiful every day. Don’t forget to use these extremely simple and meaningful tips. When you become more beautiful, you love yourself more and respect the other people  more. Please become modern and beautiful girls. Wish the girls have a funny and happy summer.

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