David Beckham showed off his victory by playing special table tennis with his son

Recently, David Beckham shared his personal life on his personal social network for fans. Although, the lives of male football palyer  and his family are still in social isolation due to the corona virus disease.

Because of the time spent at home to avoid the disease, the members of the David Beckham family have time to spend together, share stories, fun , good lessons and especially play  games together.  These games are sports that enhance health, increase cohesion between family members, between male football player and his children.

One of the sports promoted by the Beckham family recently is the sport called Teqball. Just hearing the name finds this sport is very new and not many people know it. You can understand this game is similar to table tennis, but people use their feet to kick the ball back and forth on the curved table. When you look, you can see that this sport is very difficult to master and also trains the ability of a professional football player.

Sharing information on social networks, Beckham did not forget to insert a hidden message to stimulate the curiosity of netizens. The message was as follows: Romeo confronted his father and who would win this battle? Sorry son, good luck next time. ” Attached to the message and video recorded the father and son playing Teqball together. And of course, in this video, Beckham is the winner for playing better than his son. Seeing that, many fans praised the technique of the former talented player.

Opposing David’s victory, his son –  Romeo wrote an article to upset his father’s victory. And Romeo did not forget to post a video with the funny message: The truth is like this. And as expected, in this video Romeo is the winner.

Fans are very happy to enjoy the entertaining party for his son  and famous football players. Besides, many compliments about the love of both for each other.

A few days ago, Romeo also humorously boasted that he was taller than his famous father. And implies that, David Beckham has a moder height than him. David’s performance was not much lighter: you are taller than me because of the tufts of hair.

Fans should stay home and update Beckham’s information regularly, so you will not feel that social isolation is something too bad. Stay home and stay safe.

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