Collection of lovely nails of Taeyeon – SNSD

When it comes to Taeyeon – SDSD, no one will not know this famous Korean singer. Not only that, she is the leader of the nation’s hottest girl group of all time. Besides, she also owns a rare voice that is considered a national treasure. Therefore, she often appears in the top rankings of the best voices of Kpop. About the beauty, Taeyeon has fragile beauty, strange, snow-white skin and a face so young for her 30s.

Taeyeon’s fashion style changes erratically, sometimes as young as teenage girls, sometimes personality and fiery. However, in any styles, Taeyeon is flawless and praised by fans for her talent and beauty.

Therefore, it is only said that it is not natural that Taeyeon’s career for more than a decade has not shown signs of going down and it seems like she has only promoted.

There is a cute part of Taeyeon – SNSD that not everyone knows. If you want to know, please read on.

Don’t let you wait any longer, that is her nail hobby. I bet very few people know and notice about this. Taeyeon has a knack for making her own nails and likes a cute style.

There have been many times Taeyeon bragged about her nail-making achievements on social networks with excitement and was completely supported by loyal fans.

She is also very good at nailing for relatives and colleagues when she has free time. Taeyeon always looks cool but it is very cute when looking down on the nail she is wearing.

Every time sharing images online, Taeyeon always attracts a number of likes and countless interactive comments. Maybe it’s a great source of motivation for her to maintain this hobby. She often choses simple nail styles with stones and stickers to add glitter and look like nail in salon outside.

However, when performing or attending important events, Taeyeon will rely on professional nail technicians.

Even when the singer tried to act cool, strong with black nail, she still pressed on some cute stickers. Indeed, this style of Taeyeon cannot be mixed with anyone

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