Jessica has been stripped of her beauty when attending international events

Talking about the Korean red-carpet queen without mentioning Jessica is an unforgivable thing. She always shines at every moment, every angle of the camera and every case. Some even have to say that it is really talented to find weaknesses in the rare beauty of Jessica – former member of SNSD – the once powerful girl group of Korea. Everything is nice and cool for Jessica when she only attended events in her country or countries in Asia.

However, it is unfortunate for Jessica to attend world fashion events, especially the Cannes red carpet for two consecutive times. When attending the event, Jessica was captured by international paparazzi about a hundred percent of real beauty and not through any photoshop. Or even her unlucky, less cheerful moments fall into the camera of these western people.

If not too harsh, the international paparazzi is like to hate the beautiful of hers. They are jealous of Jessica’s inherent beauty, so she was traped to they can catch her rare bad moments.

And the truth is through these photos, we will see the true beauty of Jessica. And her beauty is commented to be inferior and slightly different from the carefully edited photos.

Admittedly, Jessia is no longer a teenage girl. This year Jessica is 31 years old and her face shows signs of time. For example, when she is tired, her eyes and smile will be embarrassing to reveal those signs. Specifically, the wrinkles on the mouth of the singer – the creative director of a famous fashion company.

The next part to mention is the body. Jessica is considered to have a super thin body. At one time, she was the model of so many fans to have a superstar body – Jessica. But recently, she revealed the excess fat she shouldn’t have on her arms. This fat, the audience will never be seen in the edited image. Photo editing will usually make Jessica whiter, more beautiful body and erase the signs of age.

This picture is a memory that Jessica just wants to take it out of her thoughts. However, it was passed on in the community and was really sad for Jessica. Many times, she even reveals unbelievably thick makeup, her face is too white and her neck is too black disproportionately. Because the makeup is too thick, when the weather is hot, especially when participating in a crowded event, the makeup will be dislocated, causing patchy on the face and loss of sympathy.

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