Angela Baby broke the rumors with a single sentence

Recently, the most famous beauty in China (Angela Baby) took part in the interview of the famous magazine about her marriage.

Since starting to build a career as a real actress, Angela has met many malicious comments from netizens or film critics. She is said to have undergone cosmetic surgery many times to have an outstandingly beautiful face like today. Many people think that she has plastic surgery, but Angela Baby always denies that.

A few years ago, she had a love story that shook up Chinese entertainment with famous actor Huang Xiaoming. At that time, the world admired their love and wealth. Huang Xiaoming constantly shows his love and tolerance when giving girlfriend expensive cars. The actor proposed to Angela Baby and an unprecedentedly grand wedding took place. This wedding is considered a century wedding because of its splendor and price. Media in Asian countries reported a lot on the couple. It can be said that the names and images of the two people appeared everywhere on the newspapers from online to paper.

After the wedding, the married life of the two stars was quite calm. They minimize to contact with the media and put family stories on the newspapers. However, in the last two years, the couple has repeatedly encountered bad rumors. Specifically, the marriage was in trouble, or the two of them had divorced but concealed the media because of the unspeakable constraints. Besides, there are other causes such as adultery, asset division  and so on.

However, everything was clarified in the interview of famous magazine Marie Claire for Angela Baby. She gave an answer to counter the rumors surrounding the life of her life for a long time.

In the interview, she also sincerely shared that she is a simple, practical person, who doesn’t like to show off or be romantic. She simply wanted her family’s life to go smoothly and happily like any other normal family. So, when there are rumors of emotional rift between the couple, neither she nor her husband should deny. Because she thought, she and her husband knew that being happy was enough.

So after all the time in front of the doubt, the fans were finally answered by Angela Baby’s answer. Some feel happy for the couple. Others are skeptical about what Angela Baby shares.

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