Song Hye Kyo and 20-year-old love with stormy

In the early 2000s of the 21st century, Song Hye Kyo was at the most beautiful age of her maiden and at that time her career also initially achieved certain successes. After a lot of lackluster roles, Song Hye Kyo became the muse of so many Asian boys with the movie “Heart of Autumn”.

When participating in this movie, Song Hye Kyo was only 19 years old. Thanks to the success of the film, the fame and career of the actress are increasingly flourishing.

When her career was flourishing, she was welcomed by many famous brands and directors. Song Hye Kyo suddenly confessed her love to the media. Specifically, she publicized the love of her and the famous actor Lee Byng Hun at the time. It is known that the two people  knew each other and developed  feelings when participating in the movie “All In”. Although the film was not as successful as expected and could not bring a breakthrough in the careers of the two actors, but both ended the film with a love that took place in real life.

When the information was circulated, the public was very upset and could not accept or dedicate the blessings to this relationship.

It is known that Song Hye Kyo was only 22 years old, but her lover was 33 years old. It is the age gap that maked the online community protested  this love. However, Song Hye Kyo was fascinated by the sweet, flirty words of Lee Hyng Hun. He often says the actress is the angel of his life. He wants to get married and live for the rest of his life with her. It was those words that made Song Hye Kyo fall in love with no guard.

The second reason that the online community opposes this relationship is that Song Hye Kyo is representing pure maiden, while Lee Byng Hun is famous for his crafty position in the artist world. They believe that this love will not last long and will leave a scar  in the heart of Song Hye Kyo.

Unexpectedly, the couple quickly broke up later. Although, the two were planning to get married in 2004. But anyway, during the time of love, Lee Byng Hun made Song Hye Kyo happy. He made her feel like a princess. She was loved, enjoyed the passionate love when she was at the most beautiful age. The media always records her happy moments when walking with her lover.

The love like a dream  lasted less than a year, causing the actress to completely collapse when it broke down. Relatives of the actress said, after the breakup, Song Hye Kyo was extremely painful, she completely lost her way for the future. She also stopped eating, locked herself in her room and suffered. But fortunately, she finally thought smoothly to be stronger, to face the upcoming challenge. And luckily, the actress’s career took it to the next level with the popularity of “Full house” in the Asian market.

It has been nearly two decades since the actress’s first love ended. Now, both have their own careers and lives. While Lee Byng Hun has a warm family with his beautiful wife, Song Hye Kyo still goes home alone after a tiring day at work.

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