T.O.P – the boy of Bigbang shows off his billionaire house

T.o.p posts information and pictures of expensive villas like photo galleries on social networks. It is known that T.O.P’s luxury villa is located in UN Village – this place focuses on Korea’s most expensive apartments. UN Village is home of  many famous Korean stars like BTS, Song Hye Kyo, Song Joong Ki … The special feature of this area is that it is isolated from other densely populated areas of Souel city such as Gangnam, Hongdae … However, all utilities are fully provided for the super rich population here.

When seeing pictures of T.O.P’s house, the fans were excited. However, the house is completely empty, the furniture is extremely minimalist and the colors used in the house are mainly gray and white.

A special feature is that T.O.P’s house currently only has an abstract painting painted by famous Japanese artist – Takashi Murakami. It is known that this is a picture that this artist paints for Big Bang members only.

Previously, T.O.P’s apartment had a lot of valuable pictures and furniture. However, at present these furnitures has no wings and flies without trace. A keen fan discovered that the precious furniture had been transferred to G-Dragon’s apartment. These interiors were collected and preserved by T.O.P, and are now being transferred to G-Dragon, which made  fans very excited. The question is why this transfer of furniture is possible?

Một trong số những tác phẩm đắt giá được T.O.P chuyển giao cho G-Dragon là bức tranh nổi tiếng UNTITLED 2012 của họa sĩ Rudofl Stingel. Theo thông tin điều tra được, bức tranh trên có giá gốc là 2,629 million USD. Và thật vui khi thấy bức tranh giá trị này được treo trong phòng ngủ của G- Dragon.

It is not only those expensive pictures, but also many other furnitures that G-Dragon owns from T.O.P like a black three-legged chair. The chair is very small and has a special design that proves how precious it is.

Explain why the two members of Bigbang like collecting artworks that are so valuable. The first reason to mention is that they are very rich and successful. The second reason is that they have a passion for art and a certain understanding to see the value of those works. Third, they buy to invest to make a profit.

It’s not wrong, when in 2019, both T.O.P and G-Dragon were in the top 50 most notable art collectors in the world, published by magazine ARTnews in USA.

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