Jungkook (BTS) shares words from the heart

BTS is a group from South Korea and has a global influence. At first, they were not noticed and recognized talent in their country – Korea. However, they garnered the attention of international media (particularly the USA) and demonstrated their talent in the most demanding and competitive markets in the world. They are the first K-pop boy group to succeed in the Americas and Europe.

Thanks to BTS, Korean culture is popularized, bringing a series of services and businesses such as travel, electronics, cars, fashion, cosmetics … .. Thanks to this contribution that BST is not only a famous group in Korea but also considered a national treasure that needs to be preserved and developed.

In the eyes of everyone, BTS is always perfect and talented, which means that all members are good and perfect. Because of these imposing thoughts  have put invisible pressure and burden on each member of the group. They always have to show themselves to be perfect, model, talented in front of fans and the media. That is no different from being untrue to themselves. They always try to improve themselves. However, they are themselves, not an image that fans want them to be.

Recently, in episode 4 of the program “Break The Silence”, member Jungkook of BTS shared his thoughts on the issue. He honestly shared the pressures he encountered about the perfect image the audience wanted him to pursue.

Jungkook was called by the fans very cute name “Golden Maneak”. The reason for fans to call him by this name is because he is a member of the main vocal, good dancing, good singing … besides he also has other talents such as drawing, playing sports, composing music, writing lyrics…

However, he shared on the show that “he is so jealous of Jungkook that fans often imagine about him. People call him by that name but he really doesn’t feel he deserves it and is like it. However, he always try to improve himself so that it is worthy of what fans expect. ”

During nearly 8 years of artistic activities, Jungkook has never stopped striving and perfecting himself. However, he also faces a lot of pressure from his own work and fans. And actually, Jungkook is only a 23-year-old boy who just set foot on the threshold of life.

When the show was released, many fans showed sympathy and agreement with Jungkook’s mood and thoughts. Everyone also expressed their apologies to Jungkook for accidentally creating pressure on him. And anyway, celebrities are also flesh-skinned people, they also have personal thoughts and feelings.

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