The bride – Dilreba Dilmurat sparked the weibo in China

Everyone knows Dilreba Dilmurat  is one of the most famous beauties in the Chinese market. She is also considered the beauty symbol of this country because of her beautiful face and standard body every centimeter. Because of these reasons, she has always been the female lead in films and is the advertising face for many brands. Dilreba Dilmurat ‘s income is also huge compared to other C-biz artists.

Currently, she is participating in a movie called “Happiness In Your Hand”. This is an adaptation of an extremely popular online comic in China.

In the film, she starred with actor Johnny Huang . The film tells the story of what happened between a famous fashion designer (Dilreba Dilmurat  ) and the CEO of a technology corporation (Johnny Huang ). The drama progresses from the two being enemies, and gradually becoming friends and then they become a couple. In order to reach a complete end, the couple had to go through many obstacles in the binding relationships that the scriptwriter drew. Please also look forward to this highly anticipated movie in China.

And the image of  Dilreba Dilmurat  in the bride’s skirt has appeared since the first episode of the movie to make viewers fall. The pure white wedding dress symbolizes the image of many other brides. The upper part of the skirt revealed the slender shoulders and sexy collarbone of  Dilreba Dilmurat. The skirt continues to hug the actress’s body revealing her bust and buttock perfectly to make a fishtail at the bottom of the skirt. In addition, the small waist of Dilreba Dilmurat  enhances the beauty of the second and third round of her body.

She wore a white dress to create the fragility, purity of a girl and she stood alone in the middle of the majestic nature, Which  created a very beautiful scene for viewers to admire. Thanks to this scene is the first episode of the film has attracted the attention of many viewers.

Some pictures leaked out.

To tell the truth, Dilreba Dilmurat  has repeatedly photographed with wedding dresses in magazines of large and small. However, this is a series of images creating a stir like  an earthquakes because of the beauty of the super star born in 1992 – Dilreba Dilmurat.

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