The affordable outfits of Jessica (SNSD)

When hearing the name – Jessica, people often think of a beautiful and trendy of  idol female of Kpop. Accompanied by that, she always uses and displays expensive costumes from expensive fashion brands all over the world. She also uses accessories that are very trendy and their value is not small, such as sunglasses, bags, shoes ….

Jessica is also known by the other name “The Frozen Queen” because of her cool, chic look everywhere. Possessing a beautiful face, spotless white skin and immense charisma make Jessica shine. She is a person who has a sophisticated view of fashion and is somewhat artistic in the field. Therefore, in addition to singing as a female singer, Jessica also takes on another role as director and designer of the fashion company founded by herself and her lover. Her company always launches products with Jessica style – very suitable for the trend of the young. The prices of products sold focus on the middle to high income class. However, there are a few products that are reasonably price and nothing to complain about the quality of them.

Famous for her beauty and elegance, but Jessica also often uses products with affordable prices that viewers can not expect. They will think that the costumes Jessica wears are very expensive. However, when peeling off each item, you will be really surprised. In addition, those items are relatively low price, but they look very luxurious when Jessica wears  them on – all thanks to her available beauty.

This is a chrysanthemum dress from Urban Outfitters that costs around $ 40. The dress was in stock until Jessica wore it and shared photos on her profile. Viewers quickly hunted down the dress and maked it to be  sold  out everywhere. Businesses had to rush to produce to partially offset the needs of the market with this cute dress.

Next is the pristine white shirt with the highlight is the sleeve designed strange  that makes it gentle and feminine for the wearer. The shirt is combined with tight skinny pants by Jessica. The price of the shirt is also extremely affordable at only $ 35.

Extremely youthful light brown leather skirts come from the popular Dahong brand. She just combined with a long-sleeved shirt (oversize) to form a trendy outfit.

The navy avelvet dress comes from the Spanish brand (Zara). The dress only costs $ 49 and is great to wear at evening parties or important events. With a simple and sophisticated design, Jessica placed her trust in this unbelievably cheap dress.

White T-shirts with letters, most of her shirts cost from $ 20 to $ 40. Like a Colorado shirt or a shirt from the end of the last century as shown.

Or these pink shoes cost about $ 70.

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