Journey to change the appearance of the handsome bodyguard in The King: The Eternal Monarch

Lee Min Ho’s current hot movie, The King: Eternal Monarch, is currently being released and is coming to an extremely dramatic ending. So all the attention is focused on everything related to the movie from the characters, the plot, the costumes and the cast involved – namely their private lives.

One of the characters that made the audience most interested in is the bodyguard of King Lee Gon – Yoeng. He owns a strange beauty compared to other famous actors at the same time. His real name is Woo Do Hwan, who was born in 1992 in a poor Korean province. Thanks to his passion for acting, he determined to enter the art school despite his family’s objections.

Before joining The King: Eternal Monarch, Woo Do Hwan was known to participate in a number of cinematic works called: Mad Dog, Tempted … Speaking of his strange beauty, it can be said that this is his unmistakably beautiful, the actor always gives the opposite person the feeling of being cold, seductive but full of mysteries. All of these thoughts change only when the guy smiles that can capture the hearts of so many young women.

Possessing angular face with masculinity and a standard body like a model, so few people know that Woo Do Hwan was overweight and fat when he was a student. Recently, that series of pictures of him have been spread on social networks.

When he was overweight, he owned a chubby, lovely face that was right for his student age. Besides, there are also photos showing the cute, innocent to the mischievous level of a high school student – Woo Do Hwan.

In order to get the perfect picture of the present, fans guessed that he had to exercise so hard to lose weight. Although the body is a bit fat, the facial contours are no different from the present time, this proves the 100% natural beauty and no plastic surgery of the actor.

There are a few photos that show the actor’s extreme seriousness. Viewers have been made to laugh at any time or when admiring them.

Anyway, the photos are his past. Fans use that as a reason to love the actor even more. Because through the photos, we can’t find a single flaw to hate at all.

Once again, The king: Eternal Monarch is showing weekly, two episodes per week and the film is going to a thrilling stage. Therefore, we often watch movies to support the cast and crew and to relax after stressful working hours.

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