Couple scandal of the Korean screen divorced after a period of love officially

The couple we want to mention are Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee. Three years ago – that is  in 2017, the couple officially declared their love and got married shortly afterwards. At that time, the love story of the two artists was not supported by the fans as well as the public.

There are some rumors that the couple held such an urgent wedding because Jo Yoon Hee was pregnant. And unfortunately, this rumor coincided with the fact that Jo Yoon Hee actually gave birth to a lovely girl shortly after the wedding. It is not a good idea to get pregnant before getting married for an Asian couple, especially both of whom are famous people who influence the community. The public has created a strong wave of protest and used bad words to describe this love story.

The second reason that the relationship became a thorn in the eyes of many people is that Lee Dong Gun broke up with Jiyeon (T-ara) to get married. This also means that the actor had an illicit relationship with Jo Yoon Hee while in love with Jiyoen publicly. If this is true, it would be shameful for this actor’s bad deed.

And on the morning of May 28, 2020, the couple announced their official divorce after 3 years of marriage. When they came together to have a dream-like wedding, the couple showed strong and passionate feelings to overcome all bad reviews and comments. After only 3 years, that love and marriage ended with a very boring reason – personality difference.

According to official information from the management company of the two actors, they thought carefully, discussed and made this decision as carefully as possible. And they also hope that fans can understand, sympathize and share with the couple and support their later artwork.

It is known that the baby daughter will be adopted by mother –  Jo Yoon Hee. The couple proceeded to divorce in silence, and there were no disputes over properties or other issues.

Another person unfortunately called even though it was no longer relevant since the previous three years was Jiyoen. Jiyoen was the one who was betrayed and had to suffer the most hurt when she witnessed Lee Dong Gun having sex with another girl behind her back. Her name is mentioned as a joy of fans when the wrong love ends with a boring divorce.

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