Evidence that Son Ye Jin has feelings for an actor – Hyun Bin in Crash landing on you

Earlier this year, the movie “Crach landing on you” with the participation of two powerful actors, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin, achieved great success when it attracted the attention of many fans in many countries in the world, especially those in Asia.

The film “Crash landing on you” was penned by a talented writer who made the popularity of other films such as: Descendants of the Sun, Secret Garden and Goblin …. So the success of the film is not outside  the expectations of the audience.

It was the film that gave the audience a Hyun Bin as a handsome soldier. Besides, his background also makes viewers admired because he comes from a family with a military tradition, whose father is the director – the head of a country’s military – North Korea. However, Hyun Bin fell in love with a girl from South Korea – the girl played by Son Ye Jin. The love story of two people makes the audience laugh and then cry throughout the length of the film. Thanks to the acting of the couple, it contributes to the success of the film.

It is also from here, many rumors about the two actors who love each other in real life spread throughout the online platforms. Everyone tried to assign and work for the couple to become husband and wife because the age of the two actors was no longer young.

What is remarkable here is that fans noticed that Son Ye Jin liked a lot of posts related to the couple. Specifically, she left an interest in the articles related to love between her and him (Hyun Bin). Fans also found nearly 30 articles that Son Ye Jin left feeling like. Fans asked themselves why the actress acted so blatantly, or did she really want to openly confess her feelings.

Some urged the actress to publicze her love stories so that they can congratulate for a couple. Others would not believe such news without concrete evidence.

On the other hand, an actress is also called Song Hye Kyo – who was the girlfriend of actor Hyun Bin a few years ago. Recently, she posted a photo on instagram with her best friend. In the picture, she wears a necklace with two letters S and H. Many fans have realized that these are the initials for the two actors, Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin. With just a small action, many people have said that the two have resumed their past feelings.

However, at present, the above information is only speculation. No party has confirmed that the information is true. In the fan community, there was a conflict between supporters Son Ye Jin and supporters Song Hye Kyo. Let’s wait for more time to get information from the insiders.

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