Ji Chang Wook returns to Running Man to confront Lee Kwang Soo

During Ji Chang Wok’s years of artistic activities, it can be said that he has been very successful on the path to professional acting. However, if there is an entertainment playground or reality show with many artists participating, Ji Chang Wok has very little participation. The program that we want to mention is Running Man. This is considered the most popular Korean TV show thanks to the coverage and interest of fans throughout Asia.

This is the second time Ji Chang Wok has joined as a player, as a guest in Running Man. And this will be an opportunity worth the audience looking forward to a very interesting program.

Six years ago, when he joined Running Man for the first time, Ji Chang Wok was a young man who only knew how to act and didn’t know how to fight in games. At that time, he had the opportunity to team up with the traitor – Lee Kwang Soo. As a result, the innocent Ji Chang Wok was taught by Lee Kwang Soo, training tips to win the games that the show set. He was very obedient, very attentive in every situation to be able to interact perfectly with Lee Kwang Soo. This makes the audience laugh and clearly see his innocence.

This time returning to the program after 6 years, the actor joined this program with  the members as the main cast of the movie called Backstreet Rookie. It is known that the film is going to be on air to entertain the audience on the evenings of the week in the near future. Therefore, participating in this reality show is to promote this upcoming movie.

However, all eyes are on Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Chang Wok. Everyone is expecting how amusing this combination will be and whether it recreates  the image of 6 years ago or not. This will be an opportunity for the actor to learn new betrayal skills from the standard teacher – the Asian prince – Lee Kwang Soo.

To add, the main cast of the Backstreet Rookie drama is Ji Chang Wok, Kim Yoo Jung, and two more actors (Han Sun Hwa and Do Sang Woo). All four actors will participate in the show and will be divided into 4 teams with 4 different colors. No need to guess, we also know they will compete between teams in different games. It will be interesting, let’s watch the upcoming Running Man episode and support Ji Chang Wok and Kim Yoo Jung’s upcoming movie.

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