Song Joong Ki has a rumor dating after divorcing Song Hye Kyo

After a trillion marriage with Korean entertainment queen (Song Hye Kyo), Song Joong Ki finally had rumors of loving with new person. In particular, the rumored actor’s lover is not a person who works in entertaining industry  with a lot of scandals.

However, it must be added that the information about Song Joong Ki’s dating rumor was reported by Chinese media and there is no Korean official newspaper page reporting about this information.

On the information of the article, it is not only information about Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend, but they did not hesitate to include more real pictures of the girl’s face. This makes the source more reliable and have persuasion viewers than ever before.

It is known that the rumor lover of the actor is currently a lawyer and 10 years younger than Song Joong Ki. Currently, she divorced with her schoolmate husband who  is her friend at  high school.

Although she is a lawyer, her beauty is not medium. It can be said that her beauty can stand next to famous stars without being inferior. Thanks to her beautiful appearance, her information is already well known on the forums of students and law staff. She is considered the most beautiful girl in law and is the face of this rough industry.

Some photos of her everyday life were also released. Through the picture you can see, she did not wear makeup and revealed extremely delicate facial features. In an appearance on television, she attracted a lot of attention thanks to her beautiful face. Some people even think that her face is similar to some famous actors. She also appears to be the face of the law firm she works for.

Currently, both parties involved in the rumor have denied the rumor. The female lawyer has posted information on her personal page to speak out about the incident. Besides, Song Joong Ki’s representative company also denied the rumors and said that the above information is very unreasonable and unfounded.

On the fans’ side, they were suspicious of information from Song Joong Ki, they said that the above information is not unreasonable. And they don’t trust Song Joong Ki anymore, because the actor did the opposite of what he said in his love  with famous actress – Song Hye Kyo. And finally the end of a forever love is no more than 2 years for the century marriage of Korean Showbiz.

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