Kim Yoo Jung shows off her body curves so hard in the new movie

Kim Yoo Jung is originally from the child actress of Korean film industry. Her film heritage is more than her age. It can be said that she is a talented actor and a gifted artist. From a very young age, Kim Yoo Jung has plugged in the set to film and improve the experience. For many years, she was associated with pure and innocent image. When mentioning Kim Yoo Jung, listeners will think of the princess who came out from a fairy tale.

Growing up, she gradually became more comfortable in the style of dress. Instead of dressing so discreetly or as elegantly as before, Kim Yoo Jung now knows how to wear tight outfits that show off her body curves or somewhat shorter designs.

This is demonstrated when the movie (Backstreet Rookie) recently launched tralier to attract the attention of viewers. However, all attention is focused on Kim Yoo Jung’s fashion and body style. The video is very short, but it also shows off the beauty of the actress from a beautiful face, standard model height, bright white skin and perfect body. Even the main actor (Ji Chang Wook) also had to express his surprise at Kim Yoo Jung’s changing style. This situation actually contains a comedic element that helps the viewer relax and feel comfortable.

In the movie, Kim Yoo Jung transforms into a school big brother named Jung Saet Byul. This is a girl with a personality, often angry, lazy to work, lazy to learn, but she owns a beautiful, docile appearance. If only looking from the outside, no one would have guessed that she has such a personality and misguided tendency to live.

In addition, this is the first time to mark the cooperation between Kim Yoo Jung and the famous actor (Ji Chang Wook). Ji Chang Wook is nearly 20 years older than Kim Yoo Jung. However, the age gap can not make this combination less suitable. Both actors are highly regarded by film critics and directors for their acting ability. Therefore, this work of both actors is really worth looking forward to. This is considered a spiritual gift worth to the Korean audience in the summer of 2020. This will be a playful film that brings laughter to everyone after the sad days because of the Covid19 epidemic that is raging all over the world.

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