Learn how to mix and match Rose’s outfit (Blackpink) to become more beautiful

Rose inherently has a beautiful face and perfect body measurements, so dressing up with her is simpler than others. However, to dress well is not enough, how to become the focus of attention is many difficulties. We also know that in order not to faint among the beauty forests of Kpop, Rose has shown the ultimate intelligence in combining casual and airport costumes. Thanks to the intelligence, ingenuity and exquisite fashion eye, Rose has always maintained the hotness and created a luxurious image in the eyes of fans. That said, fans who always call Rose a princess because of this reason.

Recently, a close stylist of Blackpink shared a few tips to combine Rose’s outfit that help the singer always stand out wherever she is.

  • Do not care the price, only style

Indeed, Rose’s casual outfit is diverse with many designs and comes from different brands. Price also fluctuated relatively large, from 50 usd to thousands of usd. In addition to clothes, she also combines with handbags from expensive brands of high-class goods in the world. Although their designs are very simple and it still creates elegance for the entire outfit worn on Rose.

  • Crop tops and long pants

This is a formula that combines clothes very hot in today’s fashion fanatic community. And it is Blackpink who is at the forefront of this trend. With the shirt is always moderately short to reveal the waist of the wearer. And the long pants to create a sense of legs are much longer than reality.

Try and make yourself fashionable and catch up the trend.

  • Included accessories

Although the costume is well-groomed and fashionable, Rose does not forget to use small and beautiful accessories to create accents. Items can include such as necklaces, rings and bracelets. The common point of these accessories is the simple design, small and feminine to match the personality of Rose. Although simple, but absolutely consistent and significant attraction. This is the plus point for the outfit.

In addition, Rose did not forget to decorate and adorn her expensive bags. Many times, fans have seen Rose incorporate a strikingly colored small scarf for her bag. This brings the bag to a whole new level compared to the original. This proves that Rose’s fashion eye has reached the level of designers from famous fashion brands.

Above are some tips of wearing beautiful of  Rose that fashion followers should not overlook. Let’s watch and learn to be stylish and trendy, beautiful girls!

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